Prevent Lightning Damage With This Revolutionary Technology

Lightning - an electrical discharge of electrons, quickly moving from one place to another usually from the cloud to the ground. As a result, they superheat the air around them, creating these electric forces to come down, causing it to glow. Temperature of the heat may rise up to 4 times the heat of the sun. As there is nothing to neutralize the effects of this force, lightning damages everything that stands in its way. For instance,



Trees: normally they are the tallest point in a particular location thus acts as a lightning rod. So when lightning strikes, the moisture inside the trees are subjected to super-hot temperatures causing it to explode in large chunks or getting burnt. Half of the trees struck by lightning die instantly while other half lives their life highly susceptible to diseases. And then there are wildfires. Nearly 10% of wildfires in the U.S. are caused due to lightning.




People: once a human is exposed to a lightning strike, electrical current passes through the surface of the body. This results in either the victim been thrown into the air causing immediate death or live with burns and other permanent disabilities.


Structures and other electronic items: when lightning directly strikes a house it looks for the least resistant path to reach the ground. Gas and water pipes, electric and electrical lines, metal window frames and even phone lines are easy routes. Thus fire, power surge and shock wave are common lightning damage.



In short, everything that comes in the way of a lightning current is damaged, destroyed, however; there are different types of lightning damage like direct, secondary effect, electromagnetic effect, etc. 


According to National Oceanic and atmospheric Administration (NOAA) nearly 2000 people are killed worldwide due to lightning. July is the peak season for lightning fatalities with June and August being in the second and third position respectively.


The extent of lighting damage is huge and irreparable thus taking preventive measures are the only way to protect oneself. Lightning protection system is the passive means of protecting oneself from the damaging effects of a lightning strike.



Lightning Eliminators & Consultants provides integrated protection and prevention products, solutions and services. Their patented original concept of Charge Transfer System (CTSs) is being widely used and is the most acceptable technology from lightning protection. They have even expanded this patent into the Dissipation Array System (DAS) and provide a ‘no strike’ warranty. To know more about direct strike prevention, contact them. 

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