Lightning Damage Can Cause An Industry To Shut Down! Find Out How

Lightning is an ongoing global concern for every industry, not only for the safety of their employees but also for the protection of company’s assets. Lightning can strike anywhere and can instantly bring down sensitive electronic system of a business. And a lightning damage can happen anytime – day or night. 

A powerful strike can damage computer networks, machinery, computer drives, diagnostic equipment, and potentially cause plant to shut down. Even a nearby strike within a few kilometers can be damaging causing minor failures. A lightning damage has the capacity to blow fuses, flash out insulation inside motors and transformers, vaporize transistors, and vaporize circuit boards. Finally, there is the risk of fire caused by the spark, making it the most probable cause of damage leading to an insurance claim!


So the most important thing for any business is to halt sensitive production equipment at the right moment, evacuate personnel from sensitive areas and if required disconnect the mains supply grid from the plant.


Most of this lightning damage can be avoided with lightning protection systems and surge protectors. These devices protect sensitive electronics and other power based equipment of a business by ascertaining that all equipment are grounded well. These lightning protection systems divert electrical surge away from the equipment.



Like a lightning rod. It attracts lightning and sends it into the ground. But a lightning rod may not be the best lightning protection system for an industry. It was built during a time when no one worried about a chemical plant exploding or electronic controls being damaged in a nuclear reactor. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and so has the stakes of protecting it. 

Thus the charge transfer technology manufactured and patented by Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. is the most sought after. It aims to prevent a strike by disrupting the electrical charge in the cloud, which is an essential for a lightning to strike.  


In short, this technology forms a shield between the cloud and the area to be protected thus preventing direct strikes.


LEC offers comprehensive products, all working under the Charge Transfer technology. There is the Dissipation Array System, the SBIs, SBTs, and the Ion Plasma Generators. Each product performs its own set of functions depending on the objectives of the CT design and area of coverage.



Lightning damage can be catastrophic, contact Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. and get your business protected.