Surge Protection Device for Industrial Protection

A surge protector is a device that diverts a surge current to ground with no extra voltage presented to the connected equipment terminal. In addition, these Surge Protection Devices automatically restore normal operations of the equipment once the surge current has subsided and reset to receive the next surge. Additionally, they also protect the network from other internal equipment that can create additional transients.


Why is a surge protection device necessary?



Power surges can lead to equipment outrage and failure at industrial sites and even interrupt highly tuned processes. If the surge does not damage equipment, then repeated surge can degrade it leading to premature aging. In such situations, surge protectors are a necessity. They safeguard equipment ensuring ongoing service and maintain the value of the investment. 

Surge protectors from Lightning Eliminators are used in a wide range of applications. They first conduct a risk assessment and soil resistivity of the zone to be protected. Then a complete portfolio of lightning protection system along with surge protection device and earthing networks and electrodes are designed and installed.


LEC protection provides:


ü  That all products installed comply with national and international standards

ü  They are subject to rigorous safety testing before installation

ü  An independent verification by a third party certifier can easily be carried out

ü  The entire system will reduce insurance premium

ü  The system has been designed after considering calculations of lightning strikes at the site and after assessing voltage rise, equipment damage and side flash hazards


ü  Their system reduces operational cost, risk and avoids maintenance expenses

Lightning Eliminator’s highly developed expertise and patented lightning protection and surge protection products allow them to work with every industry to develop cost effective designs, ensuring that new and existing assets are protected from the harmful effects of a lightning strike. They utilize the best surge protection strategy by coordinating SPD ratings along different power paths and isolating equipment that require additional surge protection.


LEC’s Surge Protection Devices provide flexible and configurable surge protection for commercial and industrial application, enabling facility wide protection to improve business continuity.


LEC prides itself on being patent holder, manufacturer and international distributor of lightning protection systems and surge protection devices. We have always specialized in providing their customers with the very best industrial control and automation products.